My aim is to connect with each person I photograph, capturing moments of genuine authenticity that resonate - all while having fun!
I'm attuned to the biases surrounding visual appearance, too often confused with notions of beauty, handsomeness, or attractiveness. My intent is to create what I call "Me ..and..." images.
For instance, in my self-portraits, I showcase my body AND my birthmark AND an element of my personality to evoke a compelling story. My birthmark is an integral part of me - part of my identity, my character, and my resilience. Still, I am much more than my birthmark and I work to portray that.
Many of us have physical traits we judge as falling short of some popularized ideal - too much this, not enough of that. Through my work, I hope to encourage others to embrace the power of self-expression.
I am all about people succeeding. To that end, I strive to create portraits that celebrate strength, beauty and joy beyond stereotypes.
Les Freeman /

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